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Fiber Bragg Grating has become the natural choice for structural health monitoring in harsh environments and demanding applications such as in Wind Turbine Industry.

This passive technology is a powerful tool for wind turbines monitoring allowing the installation of simple sensing networks with drastic cable reduction and providing cost-effective, flexible solutions for multi-megawatt wind generators, hence optimizing the structure safety and boosting power yield.


FiberSensing has envisioned and built an advanced blade monitoring system, WindMETER, which integrates both strain and temperature sensors in a single fiber cable and a high performance measurement unit.

This innovative system is characterized by its long lasting performance, attained by a built-in standard, which allows all measured data to be auto-calibrated in each 10 ms.

WindMETER can be integrated into a wide array of applications, leveraging solutions such as:

  • Pitch
  • Condition
  • Load
  • Blade Design
  • Vibration
  • Ice

FBG sensor technology matches perfectly the requirements for blade monitoring due to its intrinsic characteristics

  • Multiplexing of different parameters in a single chain
  • Immunity to EMI/lightning and electrical isolation
  • Embedding capability during blade manufacturing
  • Signal Integrity
  • Condition Monitoring System

    The Netherlands

    Condition Monitoring System View more
  • Strain Monitoring


    Strain Monitoring View more


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Temperature Range -20ºC to 60ºC
Power 24VDC
Consumption 15W
Optical Communication Protocol Profibus
Ethernet Interface Yes
IP65 Enclosure Yes
Up to 100 Samples/s All Sensors
GFRP, PU Encapsulated
Sensor Accuracy ±5 με
Measurement Range ±5000 με; -20ºC to 80ºC
Accelerometers On Request

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WindMETER Includes: 1 measurement unit, 12 strain sensors, 12 temperature sensors & cabling. Optional: FGB Accelerometers.

Reference Customers

  • Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab
  • Professionnels de l'Éolien Professionnels de l'Éolien
  • Aerospace Subsidiary of the European Aeronautic 
Defence and Space Company (EADS) Aerospace Subsidiary of the European Aeronautic
    Defence and Space Company (EADS)
  • National Renewable 
Energy Center National Renewable
    Energy Center
  • Energy Research Centre 
of the Netherlands Energy Research Centre
    of the Netherlands
  • Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management


Two years after developing and testing WindMETER, FiberSensing boosts its sales and continues to thrive in the challenging wind business industry.

Reaching 264% of market growth was achieved by the close collaboration with strategic partners and technology integrators.

2010 2011 2012 2013 164.298,06 € 28.125,00 € 28.741,63 € 25.360,00 €
  • 20101st Prototype
  • 7 Major Exhibitions
  • 8 h Installation Time
  • 4 h Calibration Time

“WindMETER is a very reliable and robust system.” — INEGI, Portugal

“Compact, robust design, reliable operation.” — ECN, The Netherlands

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